Nuyul vision is delivering block chain technology to solve human problems, and making an impact to the society through energy, food, poverty, Financials, refugees and religion equality

First Step

NuyulX = One of the tools used to make Nuyul vision can achieve all transactions easier, faster, transparent and globalized for 24/7.

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POS, POW and Masternodes.



Maximum supply

500.000.000 NYL

Block Times

60 Seconds.


Masternodes Colleteral: 50.000 NYL

Rewards Distribution

Masternodes: 80% | Staking: 20%

Coins Maturity

120 blocks

Minimum Staking

10.000 NYL

Minimum Staking Age

6 Hours

Premine 1 - 3 Years Lock

9% of total supply

Next Step

Nuyul: Distributed wealth platform

ICO has become one of the tools used to achieve funding. Unfortunately, this opportunity is only used for business purposes that have more sophisticated technology, and few companies are using it for the purpose of helping make the community more advanced. Nuyul comes to give everybody in the world the opportunity to get funding, coaching and developing cross-country projects.

The cross-country intent is, the wealth holders in the USA with greater GDP than Vietnamese, can be used to fund small business enterprises or individuals with more profitable projects. With all the block chain technology, it can be done easily, safer, faster and more transparent, so our vision to make the world enter the 5.0 economy can be accomplished.

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Making the world more peaceful, secure and prosperous evenly is the dream of everyone who joins the team.


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Moch Fauz President of Nuyul

Moch Lutfi Fauzi is founder of GMI (Global Media Innovation) in 2012 and has since backed some of entrepreneur in Indonesia. Moch passion is helping entrepreneurs create the “Next Big Thing to solve human problems” in mobile and social networks, Greentech innovation, education and economic development.


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Anonymus Core Developer

Nodejs, PHP, AWS, Blockchain, Crypto, Networking experts.


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Anonymus Seconds - Developer

make changes not just buccs. UI/UX, Networking and blockchain experts.

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